What Babies Do

What_Babies_Do_Cover_for_KindleBecause she was too young to write, I wrote this book for my three year old granddaughter as a diary. It was offered to her as a recording of her thoughts, feelings, and actions. I hope this book brings her joy as she uses it to reminisce about this glorious event in the life of her family and herself.
Now, I offer it to you to prepare your child for the addition of a new baby to the family.
Ellie, just a toddler herself, walks you through the mixture of emotions and questions an only child may feel when a new bundle of joy is welcomed into the family.

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2000px-5_stars.svg Amazon review:

“This munchkin’s book is the perfect tool to help younger munchkin’s learn that a baby brother or sister is not a bad thing, or a thing to fear. I really wish that my own nephews would have had this when their younger siblings were born, because it would have made things so much easier on a level they would understand and enjoy. I also love the illustration, as it really helps pull you into the story along with your munchkins. I would really recommend this to all those with tinys who have another tiny on the way!”