cover final (2)Encouraging us to reach outside our normal circle of friends and family, this book offers practical suggestions to show caring and kindnesses toward others.

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The questions and concerns an only child has when a new baby joins the family are explored in this delightful family book.




cover front final (2)

A first day of school activity turns into self-exploration and  the main character’s realization of her importance to the family.  After reading this book with your child, tell us what you think.  Go to the FaceBook page

Visit the book’s webpage for information on parenting, kid crafts, and more.

a-baby-is-born-cover where-do-babies-come-from-cover






Now there is help answering the question of where babies come from.  Desensitizing the explanation by looking at it as part of nature, these books give just enough information and just the facts.



The Inspiration Journal includes a journaling page, a coloring page, and an inspirational quote for each entry.













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