Why Journal

There are many ideologies about manifesting your destiny, the life you are meant to live.

  1.  Begin each day with affirmations and/or inspiring quotes.  Affirmations help direct you away from the negative thoughts and guide your consciousness toward positive self-actualization.   You are affirming to yourself that you are capable and worthy of meeting your goals.  You are building confidence in yourself.  Keeping your affirmations and an inspiring quotes from others in mind helps you avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.  Use affirmations and inspiring quotes for a positive mindset.  Your body and the universe around you can feel your thoughts, and they both react to them.  Negative thought stimulates negative responses.  Likewise, positive thought produces produces positive responses.
  2.  Record your plan as well as your daily gratitude.  Actually writing down your, in detail, your dreams, aspirations, and goals helps you focus on them and bring them into fruition.  Writing them down makes them “real” and increases the odds that you will achieve them.  As you consider the future, it is also import that you express gratitude for the present.  Be thankful for where you are and what you currently possess.  Being grateful in the present gives you a positive outlook and helps calm stresses.  Expressing gratitude builds positive energy.
  3. Calm and focus your thoughts through coloring activities.  Coloring can be therapeutic.  Coloring relieves stress by acting as a relaxation tool.  Use this tool to steer your mind away from intrusive negative self-talk.  Coloring can also help to focus your thoughts.  It strengthens concentration.  Both the right and left brain hemispheres are used while coloring.  Creativity (right brain) is used as you make color and shading choices, use fine motor skills, and your imagination.  Problem solving (left brain) comes into play as you analyze your choices, organize materials and colors, and problem-solve as needed.  With a clear and calm mind, achieved by coloring, you can focus on the important things that will enable you to reach your destiny.  And coloring is fun!

This journal combines all three!

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