Confessions of an Introvert

introvertI don’t believe any of the people that know me would classify me as an introvert.  That’s because they don’t really know me.

I am not shy, but I don’t schmooze or do small talk very well.  Heck, I don’t really do it at all, and frankly, get a little bored and frustrated with others that insist on trying to engage me in such.

I work well cooperatively, but while sitting and listening to the back and forth banter of the group, I secretly wish I could go to a quiet place and calmly work on the problem alone.  I tend to be the self-appointed time keeper and reign-her-in-er when the group goes too far off task.

I speak and perform in front on groups, but I am on my own little island (the stage) and/or protected by a podium.

I host parties, but have planned activities for the guests and myself to participate in.

I like being around people, especially witty, funny, extroverts, but in rationed, limited portions.

I am working hard to step outside my comfort zones.  Being an introvert can be problematic.  Relationships can suffer.  Although I care about others deeply and often wonder how they are doing, I seldom call or visit to find out.  What do I say after, “How are you?”  So, I call when there is something of importance_ when I know I have something more to say after the polite pleasantries.  But if there is ever anything I can do to help, I am there without hesitation.

I don’t want to remain hidden.


If I Ruled the World

The world itself is a beautiful and wondrous place_ the skies, waters, and lands.  It is the human life which dwells here that sometimes makes it insightly.

If I ruled the world, I would change the character of people.  All people would be compassionate.  They would go beyond tolerance to truly caring about their fellow man.  Each man, woman, and child would see when another is suffering, give aid, and show mercy.  Every person would be treated with respect, honor, and loyalty.

Having this new, gentler, and compassionate personality will make everyday interactions easier and more enjoyable.  Things will be peaceful because we only want the best environment for ourselves [all people].  There will be no hunger, no homelessness, and no taking advantage of another.  After all, both the giver and the receiver are of high moral and ethical fiber in this new world.

This change won’t take long at all under my magical rule.  With just a wave of my arms, the change will take place and smiles will erupt upon the faces of all.

If I Ruled the World



If you can’t think of anything kind, you aren’t thinking hard enough

The 40 day challenge has been going really well.  I must admit, I was concerned about doing some act of kindness e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y for 40 days in a row, but I have been something every day. I used the planning calendar and tips from the Positive in Purpose website and was able to easily come up with something to do for all but eight days.  Today, I still have four days that don’t have a designated act of kindness written in, but I am not concerned.   If you are around others, there will always be an opportunity to do something kind for someone.

Things come up.  An acquaintance and Facebook friend, put out a plea to help her family with college expenses for six family members all going to college at the same time.  A senior citizen dropped her credit card in the bank and it went under a table where she could not reach it.  I read about a need in my community that I was able to fill.  Just be observant and do what you can.

if you can't think of something kind


Kid President once said, “If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.”  Giving a sincere compliment is an act of kindness, but I’d like to stretch that sentiment a little to include other acts of kindness.   If you can’t think of anything nice to say or do, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Primed and Ready

I am ready to begin the Caring and Kindness 40 day challenge!  My planning calendar is almost full; only a few more dates to fill-in. I can’t wait to see what others are doing and hope I get some new ideas. Join me in showing caring and kindness to others.


It’s not too late to Register.

On the Charts

Thank you to everyone who listens to my music on Reverbnation and N1Music.

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Lake Lure for Thanksgiving

Fall is a wonderful time to visit the mountains: the air is crisp but not too cold, the water is still and peaceful, and the foliage is brilliant.

November is at the end of the fall season, so many might think this would not be the optimum time for a trip to the mountains. It could be too late to see the turning of the leaves and too early for a saturation of snow.

This year I decided to go to Lake Lure, North Carolina for Thanksgiving. I am glad I did. We stayed at the historic and beautiful Lake Lure Inn and Spa, built in 1927.

hotel front

As you can tell from the photograph, the weather was bright. Early mornings were between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, while days were in the mid to high 60’s.

Each year the Inn hosts a very generous Thanksgiving buffet. In addition to the four meats at the carving station (beef roast, ham, pork tenderloin, and turkey), this year’s buffet included baked haddock, bacon wrapped scallops, twenty four feet of warm side dishes, salads and other cold sides, and an array of desserts.

Parts of the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed on the property and F. Scot Fitzgerald often stayed in room 316. It is a lovely walk around the lake and the area is quaint. You are only a few minutes from Chimney Rock and about an hour from Asheville, where you can visit Biltmore and the trendy  downtown shops.


Simplifying Life

I began by purging closets and drawers.  I pulled everything out and in very little time separated clothing, electronics, and toys into three categories: keep, trash, and donate.  BUT I am still left with papers I have not gone through to determine what to keep and what to trash.

Pacoffe table with storagepers aside, there have been other accomplishments toward meeting my goal.  I have made specific spaces for storing materials for all my activities: writing, sewing, music, jewelry, painting.  Glass top furniture pieces have been eliminated or replaced with easier to keep clean pieces.  The glass and wood coffee table is now one of those all wood lift top tables with storage.  Nick-Nacks that require tedious dusting have been removed.


Even the outside of my home is being simplified.  No more painting and staining the deck and porches.  Wood has been replaced with composite decking.


Once I have the house done, it’s on to the storage shed.

Now, back to those papers.


The past few months have been very busy.  I have published the second addition of my first children’s book and written a second.  Both are inspired by and written for my grandchildren.  Some of the best stories come from real life.  And we all know how entertaining young children can be.  They are generally the center of attention whenever they are in the room.  I love my grands.